Well – the new library in Blackheath is now open. After many years of planning, demolition and building it was officially opened last week by the Mayor of Sandwell.

You can’t miss the new building with it’s big turret on top – it’s certainly a big presence in the town.

Inside Blackheath Library

Inside Blackheath Library - look they have books too!

I’ve not been yet, but my lad went earlier with my mom and his cousins and he was so excited he couldn’t wait to tell me all about – the best bit (according to a six year old) is that you scan your books yourself in self serve till-like thing (a bit like the self-service checkouts at supermarkets I guess). That  – and he’s now got a library card – his first bit of plastic!

I remember going as a kid to the library (when it was in Carnegie Road) – making the short walk from Blackheath Infant/Junior school in Powke Lane – we had to hold hands, and sometimes I had a hold hands with a girl – eurgh!! Every week I used to get the maximum number of books I could and then take them back the next week for replacements having read none of them. I don’t remember being as excited as Harry but we never had self serve machines but there were nice ladies who smiled and stamped the books as we put them on the counter – strecthing up to reach.

The old Blackheath Library  closed a few weeks before and is now up for sale by Sandwell Council. The old building was donated to the town for use as a library by Andrew Carnegie, it’s not a listed building but hopefully it will stay with us and a new use can be found by the buyer, it’s over 100 years old and I reckon it adds a bit of heritage to Blackheath – I wonder why it’s not listed?

Anyway for those who want to hear a six year old talk about a new library down the road – here you go: