You can’t fail to notice and be impressed by the new library being buillt in Blackheath. It’s popped up pretty quick and is due to open in the new year.
 "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" by Leah, Year 3, Brickhouse Primary SchoolI was impressed by the drawings by local children on the scaffold hoardings that surround the site now, I don’t mean that local scallywags have grafittied over the place already but local school children have drawn pictures of their favourite books and they adhorn the boardings.
This is a very good idea in my opinion, getting local children involved from the start and making it look better than most building sites – in fact I liked it so much I took a few photos and uploaded them to Flickr.
I’m not sure if the drawing competition (if it was a competition) was open to all Blackheath schools and that Brickhouse have the best artists in town or that only Brickhouse were involved but – well done Brickhouse Primary School and your very talented artists.
Looking on the Sandwell Council website it lists the loads of things that will be available at Blackheath Library 2 when it opens – more computers with internet access, self service, tea/coffee (via a vending machine), meeting rooms for the local community and toilets – I think they might even have some room for some books somewhere.