Rowley Regis is well and truly on the social media map – well, on Facebook to be specific. There’s a few pages on Facebook for this old neck of the woods.


Rowley Regis on Facebook

Our favourite Facebook page is the “I love Rowley Regis” page (well, apart from When someone says “stop” my brain says “Hammertime!”). This is the one (the I love Rowley Regis page, not the Hammertime one) that you can see in the right-hand column of this website – which shows a random 4 mugshots of Rowley Regis lovers.

We’re quite excited that today 100 people “like this” – yes, we’re all quite sad really – but all happy to show our love for RR.

The “R.I.P. The Grammar” is the most successful of the RR pages on Facebook with over 1000 people saying they like it – not bad for just a piece of grass!

The page was set up for people to show how much they miss The Grammar since it was fenced off and closed to the public last year to build the new school on the site, quite a few people have shared their memories from football to sledging, snogging to spinning on the shiny metal spinny thingy – have a read and add your own.