About this site

I love Rowley Regis is a community website for the town of Rowley Regis, in The Black Country. The site is for people who love their local town and want to share news and information with others.

It has been set up to help the people who live in Rowley Regis to get involved more in their local community.

What do you class as Rowley Regis?

There’s many people who think Rowley Regis is just Rowley Village – but it in fact includes the wards of Blackheath, Cradley Heath and Old Hill, and of course – Rowley. Check out the links for each ward for useful information and maps from Openly Local.

Rowley Regis became a municipal borough in it’s own right (1933) before joining with Oldbury and Smethwick in 1966 to become Warley County Borough which merged with West Bromwich in 1974 to become Sandwell Council (thanks Wikipedia!).

Map of Rowley Regis

It’s difficult to pinpoint on a map exactly where Rowley Regis is ie. where it starts and finishes – well, I say difficult it’s probably really easy to some people but mapping stuff is beyond me at the moment, so I’ve knocked up this 2 mile radius image on a Google Map.

The map below shows a 2 mile radius of the centre of Rowley Village – well I say the centre of Rowley Village but it’s not the exact centre of “the village” itself but the centre of the words on the Google Map.

I’m sure there’ll be people who will disagree with this representation of Rowley Regis – feel free to add a comment and your feedback below.

View a larger version of this map


According to Free Map Tools this 2 mile radius covers the postcodes of B64, B65, B68, B69 and DY2.

How can I help?

You can start by commenting on pages and posts on this site, following on Twitter, liking us on Facebook and/or adding photos on Flickr.

If you have a website please link to us – www.rowleyregis.com.

You can also help by sharing the link with family and friends to let people know about I love Rowley Regis.

We’re always open for suggestions on how to make this a great resource to all Rowley Regis folk so let us know by dropping a line to Matt with ideas and how you can help.

  • #1 written by bob adams
    about 10 years ago

    Ive linked the above site to this one and would appreciate the same from this site, thanks

  • #2 written by Dennis Neale
    about 10 years ago

    Hello Matthew, all the best with this. As I was born in Rowley Regis,I will be more than happy to put a link on my site.

  • #3 written by Claire Postin
    about 10 years ago

    I love this map! My house is in the circle, just! Now I feel my lifelong ambition to move back to RR has been accomplished haha

  • #4 written by Matt
    about 10 years ago

    Looks like I’ll have to redraw the circle then Claire to get you back closer 😉